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Debate Highlights…In Song and Dance?
October 16, 2008, 11:54 pm
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McCain: ZERO!?

I’m a huge fan of Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. Why? You never know what kinds of gaffes and hijinks will ensue. The Huffington Post provided great coverage of all the goofs from last night’s debate in New York. For example, many news outlets and viewers alike picked up on Senator McCain’s incessant blinking. There’s a great video that compresses 30 seconds of real time into a nine second clip.

Saturday Night Live has certainly capitalized on the humor of elections season. The longtime running show has seen its ratings skyrocket with their campaign coverage. Another person to embrace the humor of the presidential race is my old friend Michael Gregory. He’s done a series of music video parodies recapping each of the debates. He’s hilarious–and musically talented, too. In case you missed the most recent debate, here are some highlights…

You can watch the rest of Michael Gregory’s Debate Highlights in Song and Dance on YouTube and you can download them from his myspace.


The Glass Listener

Depending on what time zone you’re in, and whether or not you’re on a G5 like some of my friends, Jack’s Mannequin’s latest album, The Glass Passenger , was released yesterday (or two days ago). I just received my copy today from smartpunk.com, complete with poster, dvd, and bonus track.

I was able to listen to the album yesterday by streaming it from altpress.com, and all I can say is that this is a strong album. True to what I’ve read in interviews, tracks from the record like “American Love” bring older bands to mind, such as Fleetwood Mac. The sound, also evident in both “Crashin” and “Spinning,” is a refreshing change of pace in today’s world of pop and rock, but definitely pays homage to a genre that influenced frontman Andrew McMahon.

The record’s first single, “The Resolution,” is by far the best song on the record. The resounding track obviously revisits McMahon’s 2005 leukemia diagnosis and reminds me of my two favorite songs from Everything in Transit, “Dark Blue” and “The Mixed Tape.” The rest of the album is a chip off the ol’ Jack’s Mannequin block. Unlike many similar acts, Jack’s Mannequin’s sophomore effort won’t need any time to grow on you. Definitely go out and acquire this CD and, if you can, try to listen to the bonus track “Miss California,” another true gem.

Also check out the music video for “The Resolution.” It was directed by the lady who authored the Twilight series of books, which means nothing to me. Apparently they’re books about vampires and rivals Harry Potter in cult-like popularity.

Jack’s Mannequin visits the DC area on Nov. 20 at the 9:30 Club. Speaking of shows, Tuesday night I went to see Farewell, Danger Radio, and nevershoutnever and tonight I just got back from seeing the guys in Sparky’s Flaw. Posts recapping those shows are coming soon. I’ve decided to cancel the final leg of my three day tour (The Rocket Summer, Phantom Planet, The Secret Handshake) to recoup from this apparent cold and to watch the Vice Presidential Debate.

Have you been able to listen to The Glass Passenger yet? What do you think? Do you think Gov. Sarah Palin is going to make a fool of herself at the debate? Do tell.