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Curfew Update 06/11/2009

So I know I’ve been meaning to follow up to my last post with a bunch of news and shows, so here we go:

New tracks from All Time Low’s new album, “Nothing Personal,” can be heard here. MTV has a skit that involves the band’s members being held hostage by a group of females. In the video you’ll find the skit, with fake live and real acoustic performances of new tracks like “Weightless,” “Lost In Stereo,” and “Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)” sliced into it.


The Friday Night Boys have released their album, Off The Deep End, available wherever fine music is sold.

Apparently the hottest trend nowadays is for artists to collaborate on tracks with female actresses. As I mentioned in my previous post, Cobra Starship teamed up with Leighton Meester for “Good Girls Go Bad,” but I forgot to include Forever The Sickest Kids’ duet with Disney Channel’s Selena Gomez. You can see a behind the scenes look at FTSK and Selena recording their rendition of “Whoa Oh!” from AbsolutePunk. As if that wasn’t enough fun, singer-songwriter Pete Yorn has paired up with the sultry Scarlet Johansson on his track “Relator” off of his new album, The Breakup.

The Blink 182 tour schedule has seen some updates, including sell-outs, added shows and venue changes. See these updates here, although the venue for the Washington, DC show has yet to be announced. Be sure to check out AboslutePunk (link on the sidebar, I’m too lazy to put a link here) for video from their epic 9-song set on Jimmy Kimmel (they were only asked to play 2 songs).

Boulder, CO’s very own 3OH!3 released their new video for “Starstrukk.” The video was directed by Sum41 drummer Steve Jocz.

Jack’s Mannequin also released a music video. Check out their latest for “Swim.”

Luis Dubuc aka The Secret Handshake has a new video, too. See the video for “All For You.

Finally don’t forget Taking Back Sunday’s video for “Sink Into Me,” now seen in its entirety.

Nevershoutnever has finally chosen a label. Christofer Drew and Co. have signed to Warner Bros. Watch an interview with Drew from the MTV Buzzworthy Blog

Listen to this B-side from The Starting Line‘s Direction, from SupJustin.

Upcoming Shows

  • 6/16 The Fray w/Jack’s Mannequin @ Nissan Pavillion – Bristow, VA
  • 6/16 Portugal. The Man @ Ottobar – Baltmore, MD
  • 6/17 The Plain White T’s w/ Company of Thieves & Days Difference @ 9:30 Club – Washington, DC
  • 6/18 Metric w/ Sebastien Grainger & Smile Smile @ 9:30 Club – Washington, DC –  SOLD OUT
  • 6/21 Taking Back Sunday w/ Anberlin & Envy on the Coast @ Sonar – Baltimore, MD – SOLD OUT

Despite my lack of updates, please keep reading and follow on Twitter @dtra for more continuous information.


TBT at Ebenezy’s

Tim Be ToldI just wanted to take a second to focus the spotlight on a couple of local shows.  First, Tim Be Told will make their second appearance at Ebenezer’s Coffee House in Washington, DC this Friday March 6. The Charlottesville based five-piece last played the coffee shop’s basement venue last October. Tickets for this show will be $10 in advance and for students, $12 at the door.  Check out the band’s MySpace and preview tracks from their upcoming EP.

nevershoutneverAlso, Christofer Drew aka nevershoutnever, will be playing at Jaxx in Springfield, VA this coming Sunday night, March 8. Drew is set to perform with The Scene Aesthetic, The Honorary Title and The Bigger Lights as part of the Let’s Get Happy Tour. Tickets however, appear to be sold out after checking on the Ticketmaster website the past two days. The Joplin, MO teenager has a new EP due out this spring, though its first single “Happy” is already available on iTunes. For some free downloads check out the tour’s Purevolume page.

How Many Days ‘Til X-Miss?

Holiday greetings blogosphere. Here are a few songs that I’m telling you that you should check out:

  • nevershoutnever has a Christmas song, “30 Days” up on their MySpace.
  • The Summer Set (fighting out of Phoenix, AZ) also has a Christmas song up on their MySpace called “Love By Our Side,” in addition to a demo for their track “Chelsea” and a cover of Usher’s “Love In This Club.”

Here’s another one of my all time favorite holiday songs. From the old school Christmas classic A Santa Cause: It’s a Punk Rock Christmas, here’s New Found Glory’s “X-Miss.”


On Tuesday evening I had the opportunity to check out the Make Like a Leaf and Fall Tour 2008 at Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA. This show featured Photo Finish RecordsDanger Radio as the headliner with support from Farewell, nevershoutnever, Red Car Wire, and other local acts. Upon arrival, I was surprised to find that the cafe/venue was at capacity, leaving me to wait outside and eventually in the rain.

By the time I actually got in, Joplin, MO’s own Christofer Drew was mid-set. This 17 year-old one-man act has garnered heavy attention online, earning himself internet fame as one of the top unsigned artists today and since the release of The Yippee EP, Drew has appeared on MTV’s TRL. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical before I saw the kid play. I wasn’t sold on his haircut alone, but man, he’s has some talent. He’s got a mean set of pipes and has a knack for songwriting. As seen in the linked video, he can surely hit the high notes and has developed a strong following, arguably drawing the biggest crowd that night. I’ll be very interested to see what this kid is able to do beyond standing alone on a stage with an acoustic guitar and also how his songs translate to a full electric band. Until then, the kid is so fresh out of homeroom that he even referred to a past period of time as “tennis season.”

Next up were Greenboro’s Farewell. The hard hitting synth-pop-rock sextet rocked the stage to an unfortunately lackluster crowd. Emerging from a recent lineup change, the guys delivered a full-on energetic, chest pumping performance. Memorable moments included a couple fans stomping around on stage with bassist Buddy Bell, and frontman Marshall Davis belting lyrics until his face was red with asphyxia. Playing tracks off their Epitaph debut Isn’t this Supposed to be Fun!? Farewell sounded like a well rehearsed, headline worthy act. Though this was the first time I had seen Farewell live, I’ve been following the band for about a year and can’t wait to see them play again–whether it’s on MTV or on their own national headlining tour.

The headliners were Danger Radio. I didn’t stick around to watch their full set. However, I have seen them before, supporting Cute Is What We Aim For. I don’t know know if it was the small venue or the flu going around or what, but frontman Andrew De Torres was not at the top of his game, missing notes. I’m sure the band won’t let my words get them down, from the last time I know that their sound is quite infectious and inspires many a dance party.

Anyway, this marks another time when I had to go to a concert by myself. Sad, yes I know. I just don’t have that many friends with similar music tastes in the area. Next post will be about another lonely show, featuring Sparky’s Flaw.

The Glass Listener

Depending on what time zone you’re in, and whether or not you’re on a G5 like some of my friends, Jack’s Mannequin’s latest album, The Glass Passenger , was released yesterday (or two days ago). I just received my copy today from smartpunk.com, complete with poster, dvd, and bonus track.

I was able to listen to the album yesterday by streaming it from altpress.com, and all I can say is that this is a strong album. True to what I’ve read in interviews, tracks from the record like “American Love” bring older bands to mind, such as Fleetwood Mac. The sound, also evident in both “Crashin” and “Spinning,” is a refreshing change of pace in today’s world of pop and rock, but definitely pays homage to a genre that influenced frontman Andrew McMahon.

The record’s first single, “The Resolution,” is by far the best song on the record. The resounding track obviously revisits McMahon’s 2005 leukemia diagnosis and reminds me of my two favorite songs from Everything in Transit, “Dark Blue” and “The Mixed Tape.” The rest of the album is a chip off the ol’ Jack’s Mannequin block. Unlike many similar acts, Jack’s Mannequin’s sophomore effort won’t need any time to grow on you. Definitely go out and acquire this CD and, if you can, try to listen to the bonus track “Miss California,” another true gem.

Also check out the music video for “The Resolution.” It was directed by the lady who authored the Twilight series of books, which means nothing to me. Apparently they’re books about vampires and rivals Harry Potter in cult-like popularity.

Jack’s Mannequin visits the DC area on Nov. 20 at the 9:30 Club. Speaking of shows, Tuesday night I went to see Farewell, Danger Radio, and nevershoutnever and tonight I just got back from seeing the guys in Sparky’s Flaw. Posts recapping those shows are coming soon. I’ve decided to cancel the final leg of my three day tour (The Rocket Summer, Phantom Planet, The Secret Handshake) to recoup from this apparent cold and to watch the Vice Presidential Debate.

Have you been able to listen to The Glass Passenger yet? What do you think? Do you think Gov. Sarah Palin is going to make a fool of herself at the debate? Do tell.